A Dive in the Metaverse

A Dive in the Metaverse

Since the last decade, we have seen a lot of trends. Some are the blockchain about cryptocurrencies, while some are about artificial intelligence driving the industries. But recently, Facebook rebranded itself to ‘Meta’ and introduced us to the Metaverse.

As exciting it may sound, some people are still clueless about the latter. It is worth noting that Metaverse is still in the early building blocks. It is a relatively new way to communicate and connect with people all over the Internet virtually.

There are a lot of terminologies about the Metaverse stunning around. To this extent, many people, not only the working class or students but even renowned personalities like the CEOs of Facebook (known as Meta now) and Microsoft, have been talking about it.

Excited to know more about Metaverse? Let’s take a deep dive into Metaverse and what you could do about it!

What Is the Metaverse Exactly

What Is the Metaverse Exactly?

Many movies and novels dating back to the late 90s gave birth to “Metaverse.” It was only fictional or imaginary until Facebook introduced it. To make it easy for you, Mark Zuckerberg wants to create a new redefined version of the Internet.

Metaverse is identical to cyberspace. It is a way to interact with the Internet and technology around us with various devices. Devices like VR headsets, AR glasses, etc., can help you get a Metaverse experience.

Metaverse is a virtual space spread massively over the Internet and other networking parameters. It is a real-time rendering of a three-dimensional virtual world which can be experienced by unlimited users at a time. Not to forget, it gives every individual a sense of presence with different entities such as identity, data, etc.

In a nutshell, you can experience the world of Metaverse easily by any device. It could be your laptop, smartphone, computer, or any device that lets you connect to the Internet. You can experience the Metaverse in real-time synchronously with unlimited users around it.

Here are some of the fundamental takeaways about the Metaverse:

  • Real-time experience
  • Boundless
  • The individual sense of identity
  • 3D virtual world
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Continuity of data
  • Decentralized
  • Immersive and interactive

What Would Be Your Role in the Metaverse?

People can use and customize different avatars of themselves within the Metaverse. Your role in the Metaverse would be the same as the real world, just virtually in 3D space. To further enhance the capabilities of the Metaverse, one can even communicate with other people.

You can meet new people and visit cafes, hotels, bars, or anything present in the real world. It gets interesting; one can even purchase a house for themselves in the Metaverse with actual money. Of course, the place or whatever you buy in the Metaverse will be the digital asset you can sell later.

To wrap it up, your role in the Metaverse would be the same as the role you play in this real world. There is only one difference which is virtuality.

What Can I Do with the Metaverse?

As we said earlier, you can do anything in the Metaverse. You can buy clothes, video games, virtual real estate properties, etc., the list going on. The feature that attracts most users into the Verse is traversing around it.

You can even travel cities or digital regions in the Metaverse. Although to do all of those actions, you would need a digital currency. Digital currency is linked with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, but that’s another story to tell.

Is There a Difference Between the Internet and the Metaverse?

Many users think of Metaverse as a competition to the Internet. Logically and technically, Metaverse is not even nearly a competitor to the Internet. Metaverse is built and developed on the Internet. It could be a subset of the Internet, but it is still in the early launch stages.

The Internet was built to create a way for everyone to communicate over it. Being developed and employed on billions of computers and servers, the Internet has given us the ability to perform any particular task with a few clicks. Like the Metaverse, you can buy clothes, order food, etc. But, it is ultimately a virtual approach to meet the physical action.

While the Metaverse is built on the Internet, it pulled a few more strings and gave birth to complete digitalization. It provides the ability to the user to perform specific actions and operations virtually. But, you do need a device and digital currency for that.

What Does the Metaverse Comprise?

Now that you have a better grip over Metaverse, you may have come across the term ‘holograms’ in it. Metaverse provides the functionality of hosting and managing hundreds and thousands of people with a single server.

Holograms in the Verse are used for motion-tracking, animations, rendering, etc. They provide a mechanism to keep the Metaverse up and running. Holograms allow users to interact with them in a possibly unique way.

Metaverse also allows companies or organizations to connect with the audience. Influencers have been using it for marketing and further expanding their business. It has provided the influencers a medium to create and publish content in the massively spread virtual world.

How Can I Enter the Metaverse?

You need your smartphone or computer to experience and enter into the Metaverse. Although, if you want to take it to another level, you can use VR headsets or AR glasses. You do not need a high-tech machine or a supercomputer for that.

Its Starts with Connectivity

Its Starts with Connectivity

Metaverse does sound exciting and brings a lot of opportunities. People have been investing in virtual real estate properties in the Metaverse and even selling them to make a profit or two. And while the concept of virtual reality may have felt like a sci-fi concept in the past, that future is steadily encroaching.

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