Here Are the Tech Startups You Should Be Looking At in 2021

Here Are the Tech Startups You Should Be Looking At in 2021

The Digital revolution has never been as imminent as it is now. With each passing day, we’re reminded of the reality of an AI-dominated world, which is also the best time for tech startups to make their move and establish their presence. It’s no longer a secret that robots and artificial intelligence will determine our way of life or how we do things.

As such, many Venture Capital firms, tech investors and ICT service providers  are keen on developing new, better techniques that surpass the current tech offerings across all sectors.

With the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic also came some glaring gaps in the tech market spanning industrial productivity, collaboration and communication, supply chain, and customer service, among others.

One takeaway from the pandemic is that it’s time to develop safe, efficient, and effective tech tools that will ensure that every aspect of business and industrial operations remains unaffected in the face of future similar pandemics. It’s also an indicator that the time has come to steer forward the boat of industrial automation.

Innovations To Boost Communication, Collaboration, and Productivity

The mandatory shift in the status quo from on-site working to remote working in 2020 resulted in many startups building various communication apps and other communication tools. These included the likes of Atlassian Jira, Asana, Slack, Zoom, Trello, Google Workspace, among others. These apps were meant to facilitate efficiency and collaboration from afar.

While these apps and tools were necessary and played a significant role at a time when most industries and organizations were desperate to maintain productivity, communication, and organizational stability, they also came with their downsides.

For one, it didn’t take long before these communication apps and tech tools turned into weapons of mass distraction for the workforce, thereby undermining their ability to focus and be more productive.

For another, multitasking across several different apps proved confusing, with high chances of staff making more mistakes as they struggled to navigate through multiple channels to keep track of data.

Innovations To Boost Communication, Collaboration, and Productivity

Although still shrouded in uncertainty, 2021 promises better approaches to delivering products and services that offer effective collaboration and communication solutions for both office and remote working.

To this end, startups are likely to fill the gap by improving their tech tools to enhance the productivity benefits of remote working. This can be made possible by creating platforms that accommodate asynchronous communication.

Furthermore, it will ensure fewer or no interruptions when the staff are at work and ample time for decision making. Lastly, mental health will be the next big priority following the devastating effects of Covid 19.

Since the irreversible shift in the status quo was witnessed in nearly all sectors, with the working practices being among the severely hit, startups will need to develop new techniques that focus on best and safe working practices.

For instance, companies will need to allow staff more flexible working hours since the events of 2020 and working remotely taught us that the 9-5 rule is no longer the yardstick for measuring productivity.

As such, we should  look forward to startups creating better, safer, and more effective communication and collaboration tools to ensure productivity and efficiency are maintained as working remotely becomes the new normal.

Consumer Services and Supply Chain

Events of 2020 and the effects of the pandemic will forever remain a source of learning, developing new ideas, and providing room for innovation.

Emerging industry trends from the pandemic have seen multiple sectors such as food and drink, health, and wellness brands come up with new ideas to ensure consumer needs and customer satisfaction remains a priority through safe and efficient modes of service delivery.

We have witnessed existing brands  take a nosedive and start-ups thrive in the areas where some gaps and opportunities only needed a creative and innovative mindset to exploit. As we look for safe and efficient services across different sectors, here’s what to expect in 2021 and the foreseeable future:

Innovation in Digital Food and Drink Services: Expect to see new digital drive-throughs, start-ups, and online take-away firms take the market by storm as we get treated to fantastic, efficient, and safe food experiences through seamless digital services.

Consumer Services and Supply Chain

Digital health, wellness, and fitness services: Who would have known that new industry players like  UK’s Peloton could grow to such soaring heights? The health and witness brand now has a month-long waiting list that keeps growing. Its counterpart, Huel, is currently valued at over $282m. Success and necessity go hand in hand to inspire innovation and development.  Expect new, better players to join this field.

Mr. Fix it: Making, fixing, and repairing faulty tech stuff and electronic equipment instead of tossing them inside a dumpster is becoming more popular. Look forward to new shops cropping up on the streets and others operating online with geeks and tech wizards doing magic with a screwdriver and a laptop.

Virtual get-togethers and meetups: Of course, sticking your nose on the screen all day can be dull, but look at it this way: You can comfortably attend a family or corporate event in the city or Alaska on a cold chilly afternoon from the comfort of your office or couch. But that’s only possible if we develop more innovative unicorns like Hopin, the leading tech unicorn,  as of the year 2020.

Notable Tech Startups To Watch Out For In 2021

Thus far, the significant progress achieved in the research of new Covid-19 variants, vaccination, the ultimate cure is attributable to cloud computing. How so? Different research organisations within the healthcare industry have been able to lock heads and work collaboratively for the better cause of overcoming the pandemic.

Sharing data between various research institutes world-over has never been easier as the cloud server can connect as many computers for enhanced cooperation. By integrating Artificial Intelligence, big data analytics, and Machine Learning, cloud platforms have enabled researchers to better manage and analyse videos, text, voice notes, images, and other data sets as and when they get transmitted from other research institutes.

5 Cloud Computing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

With more and more tech investors having a bird’s eye view on emerging trends and developing new ideas, expect sophisticated innovations and startups to crop up. Unfortunately, it’s already happening to an extent one can never be sure which startup is credible or more promising. However, some notable startups are taking their respective industries by storm and giving their existing competitors a run for their money. They include:

Eatigo: Eatigo is already maintaining its position as the leading digital restaurant with a market share in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and the more extensive Asian market.

Cazoo: Ever thought you could purchase a car effectively online? That’s what Cazoo is all about.

Finn AI: With more and more companies looking to get their own chatbots going, Finn is specialised in serving the financial sector, delivering the best in AI-powered conversational banking technology to the markets.

NutSpace: NutSpace is all about equipping today’s children with 21st-century skills, something that will soon make the traditional form of education obsolete.

Bottom Line

From AI startups to FinTech, EdTech, Healthcare, Blockchain, Food and Beverage, IoT,  Mobile Apps, Fashion, Software, and Saas, new tech startups are cropping up each day across all sectors, all in need of quality high speed connectivity to conduct their day-to-day operations. That’s where we come in, as we continue to expand the nation’s connectivity from one town to the next, providing opportunities for the next startup to set down their roots and bloom. We’re always looking forward to the future, and right now, that future is looking bright.

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