Prepare Yourself for the Following Tech Takeovers in 2022

Prepare Yourself for the Following Tech Takeovers in 2022

The term metaverse has been thrown around a lot in the recent past, and it is hard to avoid it. Over the past two decades, technology has played a massive role in transforming different aspects of our lives, and we cannot overestimate its benefits. However, 2022 promises to be the year where, as a nation, we will move a notch higher in the technological scale, thanks to what Metaverse and AI promise to add.

Companies such as Facebook, Roblox, Unity, and NVIDIA have been at the forefront of referring to the metaverse and improving how we consume different things in the coming years. Here, we analyse what metaverse is and how it will affect our economy.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse refers to a virtual reality world that is more immersive, which helps people with recreating work, education, socialising, and providing more entertainment opportunities. Even though a lot of metaverse’s application lies towards the entertainment industry at the moment, we can feel its uses in the offices from a distance.

For instance, Facebook’s Oculus Horizons Workrooms allows individuals to turn their home space into an immersive virtual meeting room. Even though this feature is still not popular in many offices, 2022 might be the year when this is fully realised.

How the Metaverse Will Be More Relevant to Businesses and Consumers in 2022

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit the world, most people were forced to work from home while many others straightaway lost their jobs. To fix this problem, technological inventions such as the metaverse have come into place to help bring people closer even though they might be many miles away in the real sense.

At this point of time, most employees have already adapted to the need of remote working and virtual collaboration due to the pandemic. With adaptability being the largest hurdle to overcome, taking the next step and embracing the metaverse and its many benefits is closer than you think, with about half of employees ready to work in a Metaverse workplace.

Most workers believe that the hybrid work will increase with the introduction of Metaverse technology. The gap between in-person and remote workers will be further reduced by creating a more immersive environment. Look no further than eXp Realty which has been scaling and expanding its fully remote workforce since 2016, earning them the recognition of being one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work since 2018.

Customer engagements in businesses are also slated to benefit from this. A study showed that the amount of information stored in the memory is 70% higher when using AR than when not. This can hugely impact any business’s brand. Virtual reality is already helping businesses offer high-quality customer experiences, which will definitely improve in 2022.

How Humans and AI Continue to Evolve Together in 2022

How Humans and AI Continue to Evolve Together in 2022

Some people still associate Artificial Intelligence, AI with science fiction dystopias — it’s an indication that technology is finally getting to the people. AI has become a household name and a household presence; does Alexa ring a bell?

For businesses, machine learning is one aspect of AI that will continue to grow and help organisations improve their craft in 2022. With it, processing large amounts of data is more convenient. For instance, if you have a manufacturing plant, the chances are you have your machinery hooked up to the network.

All the connected devices feed the system with data about production and functionality. However, given that the data sometimes comes in quick and fast, the human eye cannot sift through quickly, and even if it did, there would be a lot of errors. Machine learning is here to correct this and make the whole thing more convenient.

Artificial intelligence is also changing Customer Relationship Management, CRM, systems. Previously used software such as Salesforce or Zoho require a lot of human intervention, which, as we mentioned, is prone to errors. With artificial intelligence, managing CRM systems will be easier.

How Data Volumes Will Necessitate the Democratisation of Data through Cloud Solutions

How Data Volumes Will Necessitate the Democratisation of Data through Cloud Solutions

Many businesses have a lot of data that needs secure storage. With AI rapidly penetrating the market, it is not long before we can see more business options for cloud storage. The companies already using cloud storage boast agility, elasticity, cost savings, and time convenience.

The only question that businesses will be asking in 2022 is, “which is the best method of cloud computing?” As it stands, Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, Platform as a Service, PaaS, and Software as a service, SaaS, are the most common options, with their services expected to improve in the coming years.

How Connectivity Will Continue to Play an Important Role

Metaverse is seen as the upgrade to what we now have as the “internet.” It seeks to improve everything we have now the same way the internet revolutionised what we had before. As such, there have been concerns as to whether the current internet connection will remain relevant after the metaverse.

Fortunately, Allo Technology is committed to ensuring that the nation remains connected even with the vast technological changes coming through in 2022. We are determined to move with the latest technological trends while ensuring that our clients and businesses keep up.

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