Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd. introduces a full motion landscape outdoor LED screen. Located at the main junction at Enterprise Building 3. Surrounded by a striking living wall, this location is prime to target traffic from Persiaran Multimedia and Persiaran APEC – the busiest street in Cyberjaya.

Cyberjaya’s Largest Digital LED Display

Allo Technology, being Smart City infrastructure experts ourselves, have embarked on a program to introduce full-motion smart digital displays in Cyberjaya.

Our first large digital LED display is located at Cyberjaya’s busiest traffic light junction at Enterprise Building 3. The display reaches out to working professionals who frequently drive through Persiaran Multimedia and Persiaran APEC.

Enabling Smart City Public Communication Platforms

The modern citizen is always connected whether they are stationary or on the move. They are connected to the internet by a multitude of devices including smartphones and wearable technology.

But how does a Smart City stay connected? How does a Smart City interact with its citizens to disseminate real time information about what is going on?

The answer is in the rise of outdoor digital LED displays that now have dynamic data-led creative capabilities that makes them more useful than just advertising boards.